Installation: The Reluctant Bride

The Reluctant Bride

An installation held in a 17th century silk weavers house in 3 Fournier Street, Spitalfields, London.

The idea taken from a drawing found in Marion and Dorothy investigating Doubt and Commitment in regards to Love.

The common hankerchief, used to be a female accessory that was a depository of effluence such as tears becomes in this piece littered with text of her doubt and anxieties.

The Reluctant Bride: table

The Reluctant Bride: detail

The Reluctant Bride: printed hankerchief

The Reluctant Bride: hankerchief detail

Elaine Kowalsky

Elaine Gloria Kowalsky

24 September 1948 - 17 September 2005

Born Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

27 Aberavon Road
Bow, London, E3 5AR

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